Q. How do I recover my password?

R. On the login page click the link "Forgot password?"
- This will present you with a page that requires you to enter your email address
- Enter your email address to receive a link to reset your password
- Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if email not received

Note: for security reasons the password is not sent to your email. Instead, a link is sent so you can reset your password.

Q. I have credit sitting on my account, how do I get that refunded?

R. You can obtain a refund of available credit at any time.
- Go to the PROFILE section of your account
- Go to Account Balance Refund and Close Account section
- Elect if you would like to close your account and receive a full balance refund OR request a refund from your existing account balance.


Please allow up to 5 Business days for the refund to be completed.

QuickCliq aim to refund via the original means of payment. If this should not be possible, QuickCliq will contact you to arrange an alternative method

For Credit Card refunds users must allow funds to have settled on the account before a refund can be issued. This can take 24 hours.

Q. How to get started - Parent

R. (1) Click on “Sign Up (New Users)

(2) Enter your details and Click Finish

(3) An activation link will be emailed to you, click to activate account

(4) Log in to your account

(5) Click Add Student and follow prompts

(6) Click Add Credit (optional)

(7) To make a meal order
(i) Click Meal Order
(ii) Select Child
(iii) Select Date
(iv) Select Food
(v) Pay and Place order

Once order placed you will get a confirmation email. You can double check your order be selecting the Active Orders or Transaction buttons.

Q. How do I cancel my orders

R. BEFORE CUT OFF: Login to you account and select ACTIVE/CANCEL ORDERS. Locate your order and select CANCEL on the left hand side of the order.

AFTER CUT OFF: Contact QuickCliq on 1300 11 66 37 or your canteen directly.

Q. What is the Cut Off time for my School?

R. The cut off time for your canteen will appear in STEP 2 of the ordering process.

Q. How can I update my child’s details?

R. Login to your account and select the STUDENT tab. Select the relevant students from the drop down option. Amend the required details and select UPDATE at the bottom of the page.

Q. I have missed the school cut off time, what are my options?

R. If you require an order but have missed the cut off time QuickCliq will help by contacting the canteen on your behalf. Please note that some canteens DO NOT accept late orders and you will have to make other arrangements.

- Please contact QuickCliq directly on 1300 11 66 37.

- We will take the order details and place the order directly with your canteen.

- Canteen will advise whether than can accept the late order or not.

- There must be available credit on your account for QuickCliq to take the order

- Account Holders will be charged a $2 processing fee for ALL late meal orders placed by QuickCliq, plus the standard booking fee of 0.21c.

Q. My child received the wrong lunch order or didn’t receive the order. What should I do?

R. Please email support@quickcliq.com.au along with the order details. We will investigate with your canteen and provide reimbursement in the form of a voucher if required.

Q. Can I change an order once placed?

R. No. However, up until Cut-Off time, you can cancel your orders and resubmit accordingly. To do this go to the active/cancel orders button to cancel. Then create a new order.

For changes required after cut-off time, the canteen will need to be contacted and informed of the wish to change the order. If you cannot contact the canteen directly, call QuickCliq 1300 11 66 37 ASAP. Cancelling or changing orders After Cut Off will be at the canteen’s discretion.

Q. What is a booking fee?

R. A booking fee of 0.25c applies to every order placed on the QuickCliq platform. Over multiple breaks, the booking fee is only charged once, per student.